section of bark from apple tree losing bark

Apple tree has bark falling off

Apple tree has been “shedding” bark.  Client indicated tree was about 18 years old with a 6-7″ diameter trunk.  Main area bark is being shed is about a foot off the ground.   Client noticed bark flaking off this winter.  They also indicated that the bark is shed all the way to the wood underneath.  Wood […]


Plant ID please

A woman brought these leaves in to ID two plants she has, both produce yellow flowers. She has eaten what she said are artichokes from one labeled Possible Artichoke.


Apple Identifications

I know this is almost an impossible question to answer, but I have an individual asking to have three apples to be identified from his home orchard. He has everything else labeled and would like to label his three mystery trees in his orchard. These are grown in Grand Marsh (Adams Co.) and currently do […]


infection of “Hazen” apple leaves

  a cliente in Langlade County has brought in leaves of her “Hazen” apple. i’m attaching two pictures. She tells me the centers of the apples are mushy in the interior, but i think this may be unrelated to the leaf injury. hope it is visible from the pictures that there is a sort of […]


Cytospora Canker?

Had an individual send in a picture of their apricot tree that is oozing sap from near the base of the trunk. Is this cytospora canker and any suggestions on how to manage this problem? Appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Tomato leaves challenged

Client called and has been having poor tomato production.  Leaves are narrow and unthrifty, tomato production low.  I suspect low nutrition and irregular watering.  Suggested having the soil tested.  Client has fertilized regularly with composted horse manure and uses old hay mulch.  Any other thoughts would be appreciated.  What am I missing?


Pepper problem

Amish farmer has a field of peppers with these symptoms.  Small holes are mostly found on the top of the pepper near the stem.  I suspect European Corn Borer.  Please confirm or give ideas for the real cause. Appears it is too late to do anything for this year’s crop. What is the suggested protocol […]

Apple tree leaves

Brown tipped, curled apple leaves

Do not know name of apple tree.  The leaves are turning brown and curling.  She said there was no sign of insects. The fruits are fine and the bark looks normal. A master gardener said it could be aphids due to wet summer. Any treatment advice? They did get apples and a few have very […]

small peaches on the tree

Peach size

I had a client bring in some peaches. They were very excited that they got fruit set this year, but they are wondering why the fruit size is so small at this point in the year.  All the fruit is small.  The tree is somewhere between 7 and 9 years old and appears to be […]