ID this plant

Plant was dug up in person’s yard and was potted.  It is about to blossom.  The leaves and stems have a velvet texture and blossom bud is very large. Could someone identify what it is please?

Can weed be in commerical straw?

Identify this grass

Please identify this grass is growing in a  farmer’s oat field.   Is it ok to include it with his feed for horses?  Also, is it ok to use it amongst straw bales for landscaping commercially? Or is it invasive?


Is it a bee or wasp?

Please id if this is a bee or wasp.  Man finds about one per week inside house. He thought it was a winged ant but it stung him.  Sent them the social wasps and bees publication.  Is it a small carpenter bee?


White Pine needles browning and dropping

Three photos show browning needles on White Pine. Advised that it is normal for white pines to drop needles in autumn.  Promised to send photos for expert to confirm nothing else going on here.  Tree is old and over 3 stories high!

Apple tree leaves

Brown tipped, curled apple leaves

Do not know name of apple tree.  The leaves are turning brown and curling.  She said there was no sign of insects. The fruits are fine and the bark looks normal. A master gardener said it could be aphids due to wet summer. Any treatment advice? They did get apples and a few have very […]

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Zestar Apple tree problems

Zestar apple tree has splitting bark, curling leaves, and spotted apples.  Client says: While taking the photos I noticed lots of black ants in the curled leaves. There was also some sort of moth cocooning.  She is asking for advise on how to care for tree.  4 photos.


Water Hemlock?

Gardener transplanted ferns to  garden while landscaping. Now she thinks she has Poison Hemlock growing in garden. They roto-tilled. Concern is whether it is safe to grow vegetables now.  Soil lab advised they can’t test for it in soil.  I’m not positive it is either water or poison hemlock.  The leaves are not coriander or […]


Worm eaten grape leaves

Domestic grape plants leaves are full of holes eaten by worms.  One small black worm 1/8 of an inch seen on one leaf and the larger worm on the other leaf.    Please ID and advise about how to eradicate them both chemically and organic methods also. About a quarter of a 75 foot run are […]