infection of “Hazen” apple leaves


a cliente in Langlade County has brought in leaves of her “Hazen” apple.

i’m attaching two pictures. She tells me the centers of the apples are mushy in the interior, but i think this may be unrelated to the leaf injury.

hope it is visible from the pictures that there is a sort of webbing where the green epidermal layer is cleared from the leaf.


  1. I agree with Annie—the leaf damage is likely due to small caterpillar of some kind. With the skeletonization damage and webbing present, I’m suspicious of the “apple and thorn skeletonizer” (Choreutis pariana). It doesn’t look like any insects remain on the leaf samples, so we won’t be able to know for sure at this point. Typically then the apple and thorn skeletonizer pops up, it’s a minor pest that causes little damage.

    The soft apples would be unrelated. As Annie had mentioned, “watercore” disorder may be the explanation.


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