Lilac Bush Issues

This 20-year old lilac’s leaves started browning about a month ago.  Any suggestions on what may have caused its decline?

3 thoughts on “Lilac Bush Issues

  1. This is a very weird leaf pattern so I do not know what is causing it. I would send samples to Brian H. in the Plant Disease clinic on campus. The leaf does have a little powdery mildew on it, but the brown spotting in between the leaf veins is particularly perplexing. Lilacs are all susceptible to lilac borer on older branches and Verticillium wilt, but these symptoms don’t look like that. Some lilacs are susceptible to bacterial blight, but again, this does not look like it. I would be curious as to what Brian thinks it is for this lilac.

    • Erin: Sorry about the delay getting back to you on this. Like Laura, I suggest getting a sample into the clinic. This might be Septoria leaf blight (which I saw on a lilac sample in late August) but I’d need to look at a sample under the microscope to know what’s going on. Brian

  2. Requested that the client bring in a “fresh” sample to be submitted to the lab, but they have already cut down and removed this lilac. So I guess it’s a moot point.

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