Winter wheat recovery from hail damage

Winter wheat recovery on 6/1/00 from hail on 5/12/00 is marginal at best. Regrowth is evident but uneven. Heading at 24″ plant height. This matches well with research suggesting that hail damage during jointing or the boot stage is difficult to assess. Most of these fields have been spayed back and no-tilled back into soybeans. Additional comments welcome.

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  1. Hail damage when winter wheat is in the boot stage will depend upon environmental conditions following the weather event. Much will depend upon tiller regrowth. Maturity will likely be delayed because of tillering trait. Grain produced on tillers will have generally have lower test weight and protein concentration. Again difficult to assess, due to the earliness of the 2000 spring season. There is still some time for the tillers to develop and harvest likely to occur at normal dates.

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