ID on tree nut

I would like an ID on this tree nut from Shawano County. Have been told it is a big old tree, I do not have pictures of the actual tree just the nut .


ID this plant

Plant was dug up in person’s yard and was potted.  It is about to blossom.  The leaves and stems have a velvet texture and blossom bud is very large. Could someone identify what it is please?

Weed found in yard

Weed identification request

Client came in requesting identification of the plant he brought in.  It is taking over despite attempts to pull.  He feels that even if he gets the root, it does not fully prevent the plant from returning the following year.  He is looking for ways to eliminate without using chemicals.


Red Maple

Individual from Adams County reached out to me with concerns about his tree and does not want to lose the tree. I believe it is a red maple going off of the young leaves he brought into the Adams office wanting to identify the type of tree and also the health issues of the tree. […]

Wealthy apple tree losing its leaves

Issues with Apple Trees

Homeowner is concerned with apple trees at mother’s house, running north to south on a hillside. The wealthy apple tree (12 yrs old) has had issues the past two years and this year has lost 2/3 of its leaves. Honey gold and macintosh trees (12 yrs old) had lots of apples last year and little […]


Yellowing vegetable leaves

These photos are of cucumber, bean, and tomato plants. I’m guessing the cucumber is powdery mildew and water stress, but any ideas about the other two? I’m not sure how prolific the damage is or if these are isolated leaves. These are the only photos that I was sent. Thanks!    


Dying oak tree

Any idea what may be going on with this dying oak tree? Could it be a combination of deer damage (the branch tips look ‘pruned’), disease, too much mulch, and maybe drought stress? It looks like it may be too far gone to save. Is there anything they should check for if they want to replace […]

Damaged tomato with holes

Tomato Problems

Client brought in tomatoes that appear to be eaten.  He did not find any insects on the tomato, but found insect part shown on the ground by the base of the plant.  He is not sure if it is related.  He would like to determine if it is insect damage or disease.


Linden with leaf spots

Resident is concerned about his tree.  This year he noticed the spots on the leaves.  While the pictures look like the canopy in general is thinning.  He described 1/2 was thinning more than the other and that was where he was seeing the damaged leaves.  A couple of branches have died back.  His other trees […]